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Totally Endoscopic Coronary Artery Bypass or TECAB surgery is a breakthrough CABG approach. This is a precise heart surgery through tiny fingertip-sized slits. It is a completely closed-chest procedure which spares opening the sternum (breastbone). Robotic TECAB surgery provides several benefits including faster recovery & lesser risk of complications. Goal of TECAB surgery is the same as other coronary bypass procedures. It is meant to improve blood flow to heart muscle & thereby alleviate chest pain. The only difference between normal CABG & TECAB surgery is that in place of making a lengthy incision through the sternum, TECAB is performed through 4 – 5 fingertip sized keyholes with help of da Vinci surgical system. Da Vinci robot is highly sophisticated surgical tool which enables cardiac surgeons perform CABG procedure with greater control & precision than traditional hands-on surgery. Robotic arms which perform surgery in this system are very agile & work as an extension of the cardiac surgeon’s hands. There also is a tiny camera which is attached to the robotic arm which provides the surgeon with detailed 3D view of the operating site inside chest. Travcure Medical Tourism is a globally reputed healthcare company providing a wide spectrum of medical treatments to people from all around the world. Healthcare offered by Travcure is not just the best in quality but economical & cost-effective at the same time. Associated with top cardiac surgeons & the best accredited multi-specialty hospital facilities in the subcontinent, seamless Travcure treatment solutions will help you find the best doctor & the ideal treatment facility apart from arranging every little detailed requirement of international patients. Heart surgery in India is comparable with the best in the world. Moreover, TECAB surgery costs in India are just about a fraction of what overseas patients may have to pay in developed countries like Australia, United Kingdom, Canada or United States. Get details for TECAB surgery on: https://travcure.com/totally-endoscopic-coronary-artery-bypass-tecab-surgery/ Or, you can send us your queries at: help@travcure.com Or, Call/Whatsapp: +91-8600044116
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