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Hackcheck monitors your online accounts to detect hacker attacks and alerts you when an attack occurs!
Billions of private access data have already been stolen by hacking attacks and the number is increasing almost every day. Cybercrime is one of the biggest dangers.
Millions of private passwords regularly fall into the wrong hands. Since many users use their favorite password in many online services, hacking can have serious consequences. If the stolen password also gives you access to your bank account or other financial tools such as paypal. In these cases, hackers usually empty accounts within a very short time!

Warning system for hacker attacks
If the data of your online accounts are at risk of being stolen by cyber criminals, the program sounds an alarm.

Background guard for your accounts
Scans and monitors all user accounts continuously against hacker attacks.

Victim of a hacking attack? Every second counts
Who is informed can act purposefully! Hacks guide, news and background information.

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