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If you are involved in a custody battle, one of the most important things you can do is take the appropriate steps to acquire custody of your child or children. You can't afford to ignore or downplay the situation. The consequences of a child custody dispute will follow you for the rest of your life. The preparation will be difficult, but the benefits will be wonderful if you gain custody of your child. Here are a few pointers:


1. Write down any possible situation or past occurrences that might be held against you, such as motor vehicle and legal, past affairs, work, anything that might come out of your history.


2. Write down the reasons you want custody. Make a long list.


3. Jot down every possible point to your advantage.


4. Write down problems of the future; what if one parent decides to leave the state? What if one parent goes to prison or dies.


5. Maintain legal representation. Just don't skip on this. Consult the best Child Custody attorney in your state.


6.Know what the lawyer's success rate is and request references.


7. Understand what strategies your ex can use against you and brace yourself for them.


8. Don't try to get the children to take your side. That is going to backfire. The best option is to remain a loving, affectionate parent to them.


9. Ask your Child Custody attorney hard questions about how they intend to win custody and what strategies or methods they will use.


10. Start exploring laws in your state covering child custody cases. Figure out what will be used against you and cannot. Find state laws regarding parents in custody and custody awards. What you discover can surprise you.


Do not lose time in the obscurity of losing custody of your kids or having the least visitation rights by not grasping child custody laws. Consult Mr. Binoye Jos at Jos Family Law for the best advice; Find the right custody arrangement & guarantee success with the top Costa Mesa Divorce Attorney. For a free initial consultation, call 1-714~733-7066 today.

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