M4 Smartwatch Band

FOB Price 26,500 TZS / Piece
Min Quantity 1 Piece(s)

m4 smart braceletdescriptioncompatible to all phones (ios and android)1.heart rate monitor: you can monitor your heart rate through your band at anytime. 2.blood oxygen and blood pressure monitor: monitor your blood oxygen and blood pressure, know more about your body. 3.motion modes: cycling, swimming, running, playing basketball and badminton. 4.movement tracker: calculate the number of moving steps, calories as well as distance. 5.sleep monitor: monitor the quality of sleep every day accurately, calculate the time length of deep sleep and light sleep. 6.call and message reminder: the screen shows numbers or names when there is an incoming call; when a new message arrives, the screen shows relevant notifications and corresponding icons. 7.other functions: information push, sedentary reminder, alarm clock and remote camera; just raising your hand, then the screen lights. 8.ip67 waterproof: sweatproof, rainproof,
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